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The Perfect Updo for a Strapless Dress

My bridal and prom clients are always asking me what styles would look best with a strapless dress. While l really like the way that hair looks when styled down in a strapless dress, my preference is to put the hair up. I thinks it’s no coincidence that bridal/prom season occurs in warm weather, so showing off your shoulders just seems like the obvious choice.  I recently did a pretty, twisted updo on one of my clients, that is super simple to replicate; and best of all perfect for strapless dresses.  What I like about this style is that it’ll look gorgeous on all hair textures (so curly girls don’t fret). Let’s get started!

Halo updo strapless

1. Start off by sectioning off your hair in front of your ears on both sides, and clip those sections away from the rest of your hair.

2. Section off the hair at the crown of your head and spray your hair with medium hold hairspray. Next backcomb your hair using a tail comb or a teasing brush at the crown to create some height, and smooth the hair on top to hide the backcombing.

3. Twist the two front sections loosely and pin them low in the back of the head with bobby pins.

4. Then divide the hair in the back into three sections (left, middle, and right) and roll each section of hair upward concealing the pinned hair in the back, and pin them into place with bobby pins.

5. Finally spray the hair with finishing spray – then you’re done!