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What Is This? The Micellar Water Edition

Photo Credit: Natural Hair Growth 101

Photo Credit: Natural Hair Growth 101

With so many new items constantly popping up on the beauty shelves, it’s really easy to feel like a complete idiot when looking at a product that you’ve never heard of.  The product of the moment is micellar water/micelle solution.  I honestly didn’t get this product either when I first laid eyes on it, so I did some investigating. My first question was is there a difference between micellar water and micelle solution, and the answer is hell no. What a brand calls it just depends on how bougie they want to sound, some brands even call it micellar cleanser – but it’s all the same thing.


Micellar water is a hydrating alternative to tradition makeup removers and face wipes, that uses micelles as its active ingredient. I know what you’re thinking…WTF is a micelle?  Micelles are tiny oil molecules that attract and absorb dirt and oil; they are able to remove impurities from the face without drying out your skin. All you need to do is soak a cotton pad (I prefer cotton pillow squares myself), and wipe away makeup and dirt – no rinsing required.  Pretty cool, right?


Not only can micellar water be used as a makeup remover, you can also use it as a daily cleanser. It’s perfect for washing your face at the gym after a sweaty workout, or anytime you want a quick refresh when your skin feels gross. I low key found another use for it while in a crunch on set – it cleaned TF out of my makeup brushes! One of favorites is by Bioderma, but drug store options are available from brands such as Garnier.

Save Good Products from Bad Packaging


Jars are BAAAAAAD, guys. I think that thanks to advertising, women associate cream in jars with luxury, or think a product is going to be super moisturizing/effective if it comes in one. Nope, nope, nope.

Most of the best skincare ingredients aren’t stable and shouldn’t be exposed to air or light. We all know antioxidants are great for the skin. Well, their enemy is listed in their name–oxygen! So let’s say you happen upon a moisturizer in a jar that is very well formulated. It’s going to rapidly get less and less effective every time you open it. Jars also harbor bacteria, since you repeatedly dip your fingers into them, and aside from that being kind of gross, it further breaks down the ingredients aside.

I personally avoid buying anything that comes in a jar. There are plenty of amazing products out there that are well packaged. And by the way, cosmetic chemists are well aware that jars aren’t the way to go, but cosmetic companies keep requesting them because consumers keep purchasing them. But anyway, let’s say you found a cream in a jar that you absolutely love. There is a way to save your product.

Get a set of airless pump containers like these and transfer your jarred products into them. If you can find opaque ones, even better. If you get these particular ones, store them in a medicine cabinet and try to keep them away from light. Obviously, it’s best to transfer your product when it’s brand new, since all of its beneficial ingredients will still be intact, but it’s still worth doing with a product that you’ve only had for a little while. Old jars should really just be tossed…and unless you are head over heels in love with the product, it’s best to search for something with smarter packaging.


xx Dana

Quick Tip: Don’t Forget Your Neck!


You wash your face every day, you exfoliate once or twice a week, and you always remember to wear an SPF. Are you perfect? Maybe…if you’re including your neck!

Just about anything you put on the skin on your face should go on your neck. No specialized products necessary. The neck is one of the first areas to show signs of aging, so proper skin care is necessary to keep it looking young. An unlined, baby face on a crepey neck is a little strange, no? It just takes a bit of extra product and three extra seconds to protect your neck–you’ll thank me later.

xx Dana

3 Ways to Win the Battle of the Shine

Oily skin can be a real problem for some people; I’ve seen women walk around with face blotting tissues and powdering their skin into oblivion in order to avoid an oily face. All though oily skin is annoying, there are several simple ways to win the battle of the grease. Here are a few of my faves:

NYX Shine1. Mattifying primer – A really easy and effective way to stay oil free is to use a mattifying primer. You can wear it alone, or you use it as a base before you apply your makeup. If you’re super oily this is a really great option for you, because since it’s clear and can be applied on top of your makeup to absorb access oils. My favorite is Shine Killer from NYX.

Face ultra matte22. Finishing spray – I use finishing spray on my brides and clients going to events, because it keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. The spray sets your makeup and gives your skin a lasting matte finish. My favorite is Ultra Matte from FACE atelier.

milk of magnesia3. Mik of Magnesia – Yes you heard me right – Milk of Magnesia…the laxative! This trick is a little unorthodox but boy does it do the trick!  It’s an oldie but goodie because it always has, and still does work. Before makeup companies started making all of these shine control products, Makeup Artists had to use whatever they could to keep their clients from looking greasy; and MOM was an industry staple. It has to be worn underneath makeup because it dries ashy, but once makeup it applied over it, it looks totally normal.

An Amazing Alternative to Eye Cream


Jamaican Black Castor Oil, $12

A few months ago I found a replacement for my eye cream that is super inexpensive  concentrated, and most importantly works! I’m talking about Jamaican Black Castor Oil – it’s my can’t live without product. You can find it at most beauty supply and health food stores, and it’s only about 12 bucks for a very large 8oz bottle. I use my JBCO as an eye cream every single night.

Let me tell you a little bit about my eye cream journey. I started seeing visible lines under my eyes and freaked out, so I decided to start using eye cream. I don’t have bags (yet), my lines were right underneath the bottom lash line which is pretty close to my eyeballs. After using a few eye creams (which shall remain nameless) I noticed that they all made my eyes burn and get really red when I used them where my line were. Is it just me or is expecting a product made specifically for the eyes not to feel like scorching acid too much? I did a little research and learned that Jamaican Black Castor Oil was supposed to be extremely gentle. I also read that it was all natural, and it stimulates elastin and collagen production. The price was right; it was almost $20 cheaper than most eye creams I tried, so I gave it a shot. What I noticed first was that there was no perfume like smell, and I was able to get right up to my waterline with no irritation at all–winning!

Eye jbcoI began using it every night and  got really great results after only a couple of weeks. My lines plumped up and were way less visible; thank goodness because Botox was calling me.  I was a little afraid that it may cause me to break out but it never has. It’s really thick so one bottle of JBCO can last you over a month, even when applied generously. My favorite brand is Tropic Isle Living, give it a try it will change your life and save you some serious cash.