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Save Good Products from Bad Packaging


Jars are BAAAAAAD, guys. I think that thanks to advertising, women associate cream in jars with luxury, or think a product is going to be super moisturizing/effective if it comes in one. Nope, nope, nope.

Most of the best skincare ingredients aren’t stable and shouldn’t be exposed to air or light. We all know antioxidants are great for the skin. Well, their enemy is listed in their name–oxygen! So let’s say you happen upon a moisturizer in a jar that is very well formulated. It’s going to rapidly get less and less effective every time you open it. Jars also harbor bacteria, since you repeatedly dip your fingers into them, and aside from that being kind of gross, it further breaks down the ingredients aside.

I personally avoid buying anything that comes in a jar. There are plenty of amazing products out there that are well packaged. And by the way, cosmetic chemists are well aware that jars aren’t the way to go, but cosmetic companies keep requesting them because consumers keep purchasing them. But anyway, let’s say you found a cream in a jar that you absolutely love. There is a way to save your product.

Get a set of airless pump containers like these and transfer your jarred products into them. If you can find opaque ones, even better. If you get these particular ones, store them in a medicine cabinet and try to keep them away from light. Obviously, it’s best to transfer your product when it’s brand new, since all of its beneficial ingredients will still be intact, but it’s still worth doing with a product that you’ve only had for a little while. Old jars should really just be tossed…and unless you are head over heels in love with the product, it’s best to search for something with smarter packaging.


xx Dana

My Favorite Ways to Use Jojoba Oil


A few months ago, I purchased an 8 oz. bottle of organic jojoba oil for under 20 bucks. I’ve barely made a dent in it, even though I use it every day. What a great beauty buy! I’ve found a ton of uses for it, and I want to share them with you. Jojoba is my favorite oil, but feel free to substitute your oil of choice for any of these uses (although be careful with coconut oil if you are prone to breakouts).

Ways to Use:

*adding a drop or two to moisturizer. This is all my oily skin needs, and I can use less moisturizer when I do this, so it saves me money while hydrating my skin. If your skin is on the dry side, you may be able to use this in lieu of moisturizer. (Use a good serum though! Any single ingredient routine will rob your skin of antioxidants. While jojoba has many benefits, no oil can prevent or reverse signs of aging.)

*several drops added to body lotion

*used as a cuticle oil. Many of the cuticle oils sold in stores have essential oils added to them. Sure, they smell great, but essential oils are irritants. Any straight up oil–jojoba, argan, olive, whatever–will be much better.

*as a massage oil! Now all you need is someone to give you a massage. Or someone willing to accept one from you, if you’re a giver.

*to hydrate lips. I have chronically dry lips, and two drops of jojoba oil with a bit of Aquaphor on top is the best thing I’ve tried (and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars looking for a solution.)

*adding a few drops to conditioner. I personally don’t get good results using large amounts of oil as a treatment, but many people do, so it’s worth a try. But adding a few drops to conditioner gives the conditioner extra slip (so you can use less and not be stuck with that annoying half full bottle of shampoo and two drops of conditioner scenario) and makes the hair nice and shiny.

*as an eye makeup remover

Did I leave out any cool uses? Comment below!


xx Dana

Men’s Grooming 101

Dominic Adams

Dominic Adams, photo courtesy of XEX magazine

Long gone are the days that females are the only ones with everyday routines to maintain their looks; now men are getting in on the action too! Male grooming is no longer a taboo subject as many modern men have no problem admitting that they put daily effort into taking care of themselves. Although grooming is now perfectly acceptable, some men still think it’s either too much trouble or simply do not know how to get started. I recently did a photo shoot with hottie Dominic Adams from the Lifetime series “Devious Maids” for XEX magazine and I’ll break down some simple grooming tips that I used on him that ANY man can handle.

N moisturizerStart off by moisturizing your face. An ashy face or peeling skin is never, ever, ever, ever a turn on. I used good old fashioned Neutrogena moisturizer on Dominic’s face and applied it with a Beauty Blender. This moisturizer is a great option because it gives long lasting hydration and can be found at almost any drug store.

anastasia-brow-gel-profileTame your eyebrows. While Bert was a fabulous character on “Sesame Street” no chick wants a dude that looks like him so please handle those brows. A great way to manage unruly eyebrows is with a good brow gel, I prefer to use the one by Anastasia. It’s a colorless product so it won’t look unnatural and the applicator allows you to comb the product into the brows in order to keep them in place. If some stray brow hairs are not cooperating or are way too long you can clip them down with small scissors like these.


RosebudHydrate your lips. A man with dry, cracked lips is never deemed kissable – by anyone. Keep your lips pillow soft and protect them from chapping with a good lip balm. I love Rosebud lip balm it last for hours and smells great. The best part is that even though it’s called Rosebud, it comes in very manly packaging.


T and Dominic

Me moisturizing Dominic Adams

This whole routine takes less than 10 minutes and is well worth the effort. Incorporating these simple things into your morning ritual (right after you wash your face) will keep you looking and feeling hot all day long.