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Pacifica’s Tasty New Line of Flavored Lip Balms

As a working makeup artist, I ALWAYS begin every makeup application with two things: moisturizer and lip balm. Great makeup begins with great skincare. This is why I couldn’t have been happier to learn that Pacifica came out with a new line of 100% vegan lip balms. As far as lip balms are concerned, there usually isn’t much variety, but these new flavored balms change the game. Their new line-up is exclusive to Ulta, and includes seven lip balms: Persian Cherry, Hawaiian Banana, Bali Coconut, Cuban Mango, Rainbow Watermelon, Indian Chi, and Summer Kale, as well as a Candied Lemon & Sugar lip scrub. The fact that the collection includes a scrub made my heart smile! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a client that really needed a good scrubbing.

Pacifica was awesome enough to send me over the collection to test out, and I have to say that I’m in love! You already know that the first one I had to try was Summer Kale – you can’t put some kale lip balm in front of me and not expect me pounce. It has a very earthy, natural scent to it that I really like, it totally brought out my inner hipster. Surprisingly though, my favorite one is the Bali Coconut; I’m usually not a huge fan of coconut fragrance, but this one is so yummy. A lot of the others have a refreshing fruity aroma, so there’s truly something for everyone. A far departure from many of the cherry cough syrup scented balms that we have become accustomed to.

Almond and jojoba oils ensure that these balms are super hydrating, and absorb right into your lips for all-day moisture. Since I use lip balm before lipstick, having a colorless formula that leaves the lips supple, while also remaining completely matte is a win for me!

Two Places You’re Forgetting to Put Sunscreen


This post isn’t about your hands and feet–I’m assuming you know by now that all of your skin needs to be protected from the sun. So where might you be forgetting?

1. Your Lips

Lips are skin too. Believe it or not, you can get skin cancer on your lips. But let’s say you’re feeling immortal and are more worried about the superficial side effects–keep in mind that sun damage causes skin to lose elasticity. Your lips already have some of the thinnest skin on your body, and sun damage can make it look thinner.

There are plenty of lip balms with an SPF. Alba Botanica makes a great one for 2.99.

2. Your Hair

OK, your hair isn’t actually in any danger in the way that your skin is. There’s no melanoma of the hair. Your scalp is another story, but you wear a hat, right? Riiiight. But you’ll want to put a hair sunscreen on for sure if you color your hair. UV rays cause dye molecules to oxidize and lead to brassy hair. And pssssst—you don’t need to pay a lot of money for a fancy hair sunscreen. You can use any spray on sunscreen you find at the drugstore on your hair. This is one situation where you will want a product with alcohol. While alcohol is drying on hair, your hair is already dead, girl, and it’s not going to cause the kind of damage it does on skin. The other spray on sunscreens will make your hair look greasy, so this is your best bet. Just be kind to your hair and deep condition it once a week, and try not to use other alcohol-containing hair products on the same day.


xx Dana

Quick Tips: The Best Trick for Chapped Lips


My lips are super chapped all the time. Like, they will BLEED if I go two days without lip balm. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ginger King, cosmetic chemist and and co-found of Grand Central Beauty. I told her that I exfoliate my dry, peeling lips with a warm, wet washcloth and put Aquaphor on after, and they’re still always dry. Her tip? It was what to do in between those two steps–put eye cream on your lips! The Aquaphor or Vaseline will help lock in the moisture, and you can go longer with baby soft lips. Genius.


xx Dana

Men’s Grooming 101

Dominic Adams

Dominic Adams, photo courtesy of XEX magazine

Long gone are the days that females are the only ones with everyday routines to maintain their looks; now men are getting in on the action too! Male grooming is no longer a taboo subject as many modern men have no problem admitting that they put daily effort into taking care of themselves. Although grooming is now perfectly acceptable, some men still think it’s either too much trouble or simply do not know how to get started. I recently did a photo shoot with hottie Dominic Adams from the Lifetime series “Devious Maids” for XEX magazine and I’ll break down some simple grooming tips that I used on him that ANY man can handle.

N moisturizerStart off by moisturizing your face. An ashy face or peeling skin is never, ever, ever, ever a turn on. I used good old fashioned Neutrogena moisturizer on Dominic’s face and applied it with a Beauty Blender. This moisturizer is a great option because it gives long lasting hydration and can be found at almost any drug store.

anastasia-brow-gel-profileTame your eyebrows. While Bert was a fabulous character on “Sesame Street” no chick wants a dude that looks like him so please handle those brows. A great way to manage unruly eyebrows is with a good brow gel, I prefer to use the one by Anastasia. It’s a colorless product so it won’t look unnatural and the applicator allows you to comb the product into the brows in order to keep them in place. If some stray brow hairs are not cooperating or are way too long you can clip them down with small scissors like these.


RosebudHydrate your lips. A man with dry, cracked lips is never deemed kissable – by anyone. Keep your lips pillow soft and protect them from chapping with a good lip balm. I love Rosebud lip balm it last for hours and smells great. The best part is that even though it’s called Rosebud, it comes in very manly packaging.


T and Dominic

Me moisturizing Dominic Adams

This whole routine takes less than 10 minutes and is well worth the effort. Incorporating these simple things into your morning ritual (right after you wash your face) will keep you looking and feeling hot all day long.