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Sporty & Simple Spring Nail Art


Here’s a fun graphic, sporty look that was surprisingly easy to get. You need two colors and some striping tape. I used Cuccio’s Shaking My Morocco and Essie’s No More Film. Shaking My Morocco is available in both gel and regular formulas. I opted for the gel version for this look. Remember when I talked about combining gel and regular nail polish? Here, we put that to use and you get to see a couple more reasons why it’s so awesome.

Begin with two coats of your orange color. If you chose a regular nail polish…now you play the waiting game. You’re going to want your nails to be prettttty dry before the next step, or you risk ruining your work. If you chose a gel, you’re ready to move on.

Grab some striping tape and lay it diagonally over your nails.step2

Paint over the top of the line with your second color. Try not to get it below the tape. I only used one coat of No More Film, but depending on the colors you choose, you may need more. Once it has dried, you may peel off the tape.

Did you get any seepage or a not-so-nice line? If you chose a gel polish for your base and a regular polish for the tips as I did, you’re in luck. Dip a nail brush, an old angled makeup brush, or (if you promise to be careful) a Q-tip into non-acetone nail polish remove and clean up your line. It will leave your base color beautifully intact while cleaning up your second color.

Finish up with your favorite top coat, and you’re done! See, you didn’t even need a steady hand.

xx Dana

Quick Tip: Combining Gel and Regular Nail Polish


This is kind of the best thing I ever discovered for nails. Why would you want to combine gel polish and regular polish on the same nail, you ask? Let’s say you want to create some nail art you know you’re going to get sick of, like black leopard spots on a light brown. If you use a light brown gel and a regular black polish, you can take off the dots with non-acetone nail polish remover and the light brown will be left intact. How exciting is that? Or, let’s say you work in a really strict, non-creative environment and can’t get away with anything other than sheer, nude polish. And you miss colors, but don’t want to take your nude gel off just for the weekend. Same thing—paint a regular manicure right over it, and remove it with non-acetone nail polish remover! And as an added bonus, regular polish dries faster over gel than on natural nails and is way less likely to chip. The gel will also create the smoothest base possible. Just remember, you can combine gel with gel, regular with regular, and gel with regular—but only in that order. Gel polish applied over the regular kind isn’t going to give you good results. Also remember only to use non-acetone nail polish remover–acetone is going to start to lift the gel.

Have fun!

xx Dana

Look at that beautiful gel!

Products I Actually Like: Cuccio MatchMakers

Anyone who knows me knows it stresses me out to have chipped nail polish. Even if I know I’m going to be spending the day at home, or go somewhere in gym clothes and with greasy hair, I want my nails done. So gel polish is kind of a godsend, but then there’s the whole issue of “what should I put on my toes?” I don’t want them to clash!

For a while, I would even put gel on my toes, which was just kind of unnecessary and involved a lot of time and jamming my foot into a tiny LED lamp. But Cuccio came up with a great solution! They sell these cute little kits that come with one gel polish and one regular polish in the same color so you can easily coordinate. And, pro tip: using their miraculous Dehydrator prevents that chipping on the big toe I would always get, like, instantly.

Look at that beautiful gel!

Look at that beautiful gel!

They have a wide range of colors, and everything seems to be very well formulated. I found their gels to be much nicer than, ohhh, sayyy, one brand rhyming with Shmally Shmansen. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen their products in any stores yet, but you can pick some up online.

xx Dana