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A Gorgeous Bridal Updo in 6 Easy Steps

Wedding Updo hairWith engagement season in full effect, a bridal updo post is in order. I’ve been doing wedding trials non-stop, and I recently did an updo that is perfect for anyone with shoulder length to long hair. This classically pretty style can be done in about 30 minutes and is sure to last throughout the whole day. For this style you’ll need: a 1” curling iron, medium hold hairspray, a brush, a comb, and plenty of bobby pins.

  1. Start off by spraying the hair with a medium hold hairspray of your choice (ECRU New York is one of my favorites), and brushing it through to distribute it evenly throughout the head. This gives hair memory, so that the curls that you create last.
  2. Use your 1” curling iron to curl all or your hair in the direction going away from your face.

  3. Take a horseshoe section of your hair in the middle of the crown, tease it with your comb to create a little height, and pin it into place in the back.
  4. After you pin the section at the crown, you’ll be left with two sections hanging on the sides in the front of the head. Twist each one of those sections and pin them in the center back of the head.
  5. Finger-comb through all of the curls in the back to break them up create texture, then pin the curls up loosely in the back. Use as many bobby pins as necessary until the style feels secure.
  6. Pull out a few wispy strands out around the face and at the nape of the neck to create a romantic look; and give the hair a final spray to hold the style in place.

A Cool Way to Wear Your Hair Down On Your Wedding Day



More and more brides have chosen to pass on the super-structured wedding updos of yesteryear, in favor of styles that give them that coveted, “I woke up like this” look. As a bridal hairstylist, I’ve noticed that a lot of brides-to-be are requesting to wear their hair down, and they want it to look as if it hasn’t been fussed with. Loose waves are an extremely modern look for exchanging nuptials on the big day, but hair that looks effortless, often takes a lot more effort than you’d think.  As with anything else, having the right tools are essential in order to make it last all day. To get gorgeous boho bridal hair, you’ll need:  mousse or a root lifting spray, a blow dryer, a medium hold hairspray, a 1” curling iron, texture spray, and finishing cream.


  1. Start of by saturating your hair with either mousse or root lift spray, and brush the product through the hair to distribute it evenly.

  2. Flip your head upside down and blow dry the hair with your head flipped. This will give the hair height and volume.
  3. Section your hair whatever way is easiest for you to when curling. Next, spray your favorite medium hold spray to each section, and brush through the hair.
  4. Curl each section with a 1” curling iron is alternate directions, so the curls won’t be too uniform.
  5. Once your whole head is curled, run your fingers through them to loosen them up, and apply a texturizing spray (my favorite is DrySpun Finish by Bumble and Bumble) to the waves to give them a lived in feel.
  6. Shape the hair until you reach your desired look, then lock in the style with hairspray.
  7. Finally, use a finishing crème to tame baby hairs and fly aways, and you’re all done!

Although wearing your hair this way alone will be a gorgeous wedding style, a fun accessory (such as a hat, flowers, or a clip) elevates the style to the next level.



Get the Best Results Out of Your Bridal Trial

"I'm so glad I went with Metro Look."

So you have a makeup and/or hair trial scheduled. Let’s say for the sake of this guide that you have a competent artist who shows up on time/early and isn’t hungover/distracted by relationship drama/otherwise mentally incapacitated. How do you get the results YOU want?

Bring some pictures…

A starting point is helpful for most artists. They don’t even necessarily have to all be similar styles. Your makeup artist will see the amount of makeup and level of drama you like and a hair stylist will see that you like texture, or braids, or a super sleek look, etc.

…but don’t expect to look exactly like them.

I can do the same makeup on you as on someone else, down to using the same products and brushes, and it will look different.Sometimes by altering the makeup, I can make it match what you want better than by copying it exactly. For example, if you have a deep skin tone and bring in a picture of a fair skinned woman with cream colored eyeshadow with a taupe crease, this will look chalky on you. I can get the same look in a version that flatters you by using a medium shade of brown on your lid and a deeper one in the crease. I could do either makeup look on you and you might protest it doesn’t match the picture, when in both circumstances, it does. If the person in the picture is neither you nor your identical twin, you should expect to look different. As for hair, braids and twists will always show up best on blonde hair with highlights and lowlights and worst on equally gorgeous, one-tone black hair, and you will have to acknowledge that your haircut is probably not exactly the same as that of the woman in the picture. You want loose tendrils coming out of your updo but you have hair to your butt and no face-framing layers? OK…

Make sure you want the makeup and hair in the picture, and don’t just like the way the woman in it looks.

Here is an example of something that has happened to me a few times: a non-Arab woman shows me a picture of Arabian eye makeup, and once the makeup is actually on, says things like she actually DOESN’T want the shadow darkest in the crease; she wants it darkest by the lashes and to fade as it rises, and oh, could we get rid of the winged eyeliner and make it smudgy, and not bring the shadow out so far to the side? Also, can we change every single color real quick?

When looking at makeup inspiration, really look at the actual colors and placement of them to figure out what it is that you like. If what you are left with is “if I had that face and was also Instagram-famous, I would wear makeup like that”, then save it to a Pinterest and swoon over your girl-crush later.

Trust your artist.

I will do whatever makeup you want, if it makes you happy (and won’t completely destroy my credibility and reputation.) A good hairstylist will do the same for your hair. But we will also politely try to steer you toward the best look for you.

I am not a fan of the Kardashian highlight, but I am ESPECIALLY not a fan of it on anyone with a less than perfectly flat undereye area. See Kim? She doesn’t have bags or hollows. You don’t want to highlight (both literally and figuratively) anything that isn’t perfect. I personally have a slightly hollowed out area underneath my eyes, and there is no amount of light concealer that will change that. I would much rather use a salmon-toned corrector on myself and brighten the area than lighten it. Clients who examine their dark circles after I’m done (um, it’s a shadow, you guys, please don’t make me tell you that fillers are the only thing that will fix it) and then sigh and throw their own concealer at me in a shade called Casper or Wite-Out or some shit are unintentionally sabotaging themselves.

Be careful who you bring with you.

In my experience, it has been 50/50 whether bringing one person with you to a trial can be helpful. (Two or more people though is almost always a bad idea.) Ideally, you would be confident enough in what you like to ask for it and to articulate what you would like changed. Not everyone is, and some people have awesome sisters/aunts/dogwalkers who will be supportive and helpful and make sure you leave happy. That’s great; please bring them and let’s all have fun! Bringing someone who is overly-critical and who speaks over you to tell your artists to do the opposite of what you want is not ideal. Of course, most trials have time to try more than one look, but you are not going to be confident choosing the look you would have otherwise loved if your companion insults it while you look it over in the mirror. I PROMISE that if you are happy and have a good artist and stylist, your mother/cousin/friend-who-is-a-makeup-artist-but-who-you-did-not-hire will tell you how beautiful you are on your wedding day and not say that your lipstick makes you look weird or that you should get a different haircut because the one you have now makes your updo suck.

If possible, have your hair colored the way it will be for you wedding day. Also, get both your hair and your makeup done during the same trial.

You want to see how everything will look all together. And wear a white top! That will help you really imagine how you’ll actually look on the big day (assuming you’ll be wearing white.)

Take pictures.

If you feel like the makeup is too much and your trusted artist promises you it’s not and that you will need that much to avoid looking barefaced in photos, there is an easy way to see. If you still feel that it is too much, any good artist will be happy to tone it down.

Above all, remember that it is your face and head of hair.

Even artists and stylists who work with A-list clients don’t get to dictate how you look. They can politely give suggestions, but should never be pushy and should always let you decide. If you want to rock a tiara and 80’s bangs, then you go girl, that’s your prerogative. Your fiancé(e) also does not get to dictate how you look. If you feel good, you’ll look good. Own it.

Xx Dana

DIY: Ridiculously Easy Half Up Bridal Hair

Wedding hair tutorial 31916Gorgeous bridal hair does not have to be overly complicated. You can achieve beautiful results without applying the old fashioned tricks that were formerly popular with brides. Today, women want hair that has beauty in its simplicity. Forced waves, crunchy curls, and elaborate designs are now a thing of the past. As a bridal hairstylist, most of my brides tell me that they want effortless-looking locks.  Here is a step by step on how to achieve this textured, minimalist wedding hairstyle in less than an hour.


What you will need:

Heat protectant

Volumizing spray or mousse

Medium Hold hairspray

Curling iron or curling wand (1” -1 ½” depending on hair length and desired waves size)

Bobby Pins

Dry Texture Spray or Sea Salt Spray

Hair Accessory (optional)



  1. Spray hair generously with heat protectant.
  2. Apply volumizing spray or mousse to hair concentrating on the roots, and blow dry hair in an upward motion to create lift.
  3. Spray 1” sections of hair with medium hold spray and wrap each section around your curling iron or curling wand in the direction going away from your face.

*Use a 1” for shorter hair or if you want medium sized waves, a 1 ¼” or 1 ½” should be used for larger waves and/or longer hair.

  1. After all of the hair has been curled, run your fingers through the hair to break up the curls.
  2. Spray dry texture spray directly onto the hair or spray sea salt spray onto your hands and rub it into your hair to create lived-in texture.
  3. Take sections of the sides of your hair and pin them in the center back of your hair for a half up/half down look.

*Taking large sections creates a smoother look, and taking smaller sections creates a look with more definition

  1. This step is completely optional. If you want to dress up the style you can add an accessory or flowers in the center back of the head, right above where the hair was pinned – and you’re done.

I told you it was easy!

The Perfect Updo for a Strapless Dress

My bridal and prom clients are always asking me what styles would look best with a strapless dress. While l really like the way that hair looks when styled down in a strapless dress, my preference is to put the hair up. I thinks it’s no coincidence that bridal/prom season occurs in warm weather, so showing off your shoulders just seems like the obvious choice.  I recently did a pretty, twisted updo on one of my clients, that is super simple to replicate; and best of all perfect for strapless dresses.  What I like about this style is that it’ll look gorgeous on all hair textures (so curly girls don’t fret). Let’s get started!

Halo updo strapless

1. Start off by sectioning off your hair in front of your ears on both sides, and clip those sections away from the rest of your hair.

2. Section off the hair at the crown of your head and spray your hair with medium hold hairspray. Next backcomb your hair using a tail comb or a teasing brush at the crown to create some height, and smooth the hair on top to hide the backcombing.

3. Twist the two front sections loosely and pin them low in the back of the head with bobby pins.

4. Then divide the hair in the back into three sections (left, middle, and right) and roll each section of hair upward concealing the pinned hair in the back, and pin them into place with bobby pins.

5. Finally spray the hair with finishing spray – then you’re done!

Birdcage Veils to Die For

One of my favorite trends in bridal right now is that brides are wearing shorter veils. While long cathedral veils are gorgeous, I find that shorter veils look so much more modern – especially birdcage veils. As a single gal who’s not even engaged, I must admit that I’m guilty of looking at veils and choosing which ones I’d wear for my wedding sans fiancé; and no veil has given me more wedding fever than the birdcage. This veil is my personal favorite because it has a vintage feel, it’s not cumbersome, and it can be modified to your personal style. Here are a few of my faves:

Simple tulle birdcage

birdcage tulle 45

Available at Nordstroms, $45

Birdcage with organza flower

birdcage with organza flower 130

Available at Nordstrom, $130

Birdcage with feathers

birdcage with feathers 7699

Available at Affordable Elegance Bridal, $77

3 Gorgeous Ways to Wear a Bun to a Wedding

Finding a perfect style for a wedding can be a daunting task, not because they’re hard to find, but because there are so many great ones. I always say, when in doubt keep it simple.  And what could be more simple than a bun? I recently did a bridal trial with a client and we utilized a bun in 3 ways; and they all looked gorgeous. I’m going to show you how to recreate these styles so that you’ll be wedding ready. All 3 hairstyles are suitable for both brides and bridesmaids.

For all 3 styles, you need to start off with either hair that has been blown out with a round brush, or hair that has been set with large curls.

Classic Bun :

image11.Tease the hair at the crown and the sides to create volume and then spray the tease for hold

2. Gather hair into a loose ponytail in the middle of the back of the head, and secure with a bungee.

3. Wrap the bun very loosely to create a large bun, and secure with U-shaped hairpins (not bobby pins)

3a. For shorter hair, you may need to use a mesh donut or even a sock to create the appearance of a larger bun.

4.  Continue to shape the hair and spray it in place.


Half Up Bun:

image21. Section the hair horizontally from ear to ear and clip the bottom half out of the way.

2. Tease the hair at the crown of the head and spray it to hold volume in place.

3. Gather all of the hair loosely from the top section, twist it into a knot shape, and pin it in place with U-shaped hair pins (not bobby pins).

4. Let the clipped bottom section loose and brush it.

Spray the style with a medium hold hairspray to keep it in place.

Low Bun:

  1. image3Tease the crown and sides of the hair to create volume and spray the tease hair to maintain the body.
  2. Brush all of the hair back to create a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.
  3. Secure the hair with a bungee.
  4. Twist the hair into a knot shape and secure with bobby pins.
  5. Spray the style with freezing spray to keep it in place.

Prepare Your Hair for the Big Day

Moisture masqueWhile picking the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is very important, the quality of your hair is even more vital. Styling alone can only cover the appearance of dry, damaged, or over processed locks but so much. You need to prepare your tresses for your wedding day because lets face it – those photos last forever. I found a great product that I guarantee will improve the quality of your hair and send you down the isle with fabulous locks… Agadir Moisture Masque.

ShampooIn a world where so many beauty products promise you a miracle in a jar, it’s so nice to find a product that actually does exactly what it says it will; and Agadir’s Moisture Masque does just that. As someone with chronically dry hair, I’m on a perpetual mission to find products that will make my hair soft and shiny. The product claims to repair, smooth, strengthen, protect color, and shine; I would have settled for two of the five. Seeing some of the ingredients of the hair masque (argon oil and keratin protein) made me hopeful, but I still wasn’t sold yet. When the time came for me to test Agadir’s Moisture Masque I completely changed my mind though.

Healthy shiny hairAfter shampooing my hair it was time to give the masque a shot; the first things that stood out to me were the yummy fragrance and thick creamy consistency. A little bit of this product does go a long way, which is nice because my hair eats up products. I left the masque in my hair for 15 minutes and upon washing it out, my hair was immediately more manageable. Agadir needs to add “detangle” to the list of things that the masque does. I proceeded to blow my hair out and noticed how smooth and shiny my hair looked after only one use. Beside the look my hair felt great! Agadir Moisture Masque is one of my favorite new products because it genuinely improves the condition of hair beginning with the first use. Use the Agadir Moisture Masque twice a week until your wedding date for a killer mane when you say “I do”.