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Keep Cardio from Killing Your Hair


You already know that cardio messes up your hair. Whether you’re rocking a blowout, a bunch of bouncy curls, or something else entirely, your style and texture probably won’t make it through your HIIT class (unless you are one of those superhuman non-sweaters…oh, how I envy thee). But did you know that sweat actually does long-term damage to your luscious locks too?

I’m training for a marathon and noticed that all this running (or really, sweating) is turning my hair into straw. I am heat styling less often than before to make up for the extra shampooing, but realized that duh, salt is drying, and sweat has salt in it. Plus, it makes color fade faster.

Dry shampoo can be great for saving a style, but will only further dry out your actual strands, and besides, after a 12+ mile run, there’s no magic save for my drenched tresses. So here’s my tip: if you know that you will be sweating to the point where you will have to (ARGHHHH!) wash your hair, use the time to baby it too. I’ve been putting deep conditioner in my hair and putting it in a braid or bun. On days where I don’t think I’ll be sweating as much and really have no intention of washing my hair, I use a leave-in conditioner.

Condition your body; condition your hair.

xx Dana

Lianne Claire on How to Make it in Beauty ANYWHERE

Welcome to Metro Look Beauty’s new guest artist series! We find some of the coolest people in the industry and have them share with us anything they want to about the world of beauty. Up first, we have international makeup and hair sensation Lianne Claire. Check her out at and make sure to follow @lianneclaire_makeup_hair on Instagram.


I have been a freelance hair and makeup artist in Sydney, Australia since 2008. From teaching Diploma students to having my work published in magazines such as Yen and Oyster, as well as working on Australian Fashion weeks and various advertising campaigns & TVC’s – my work is varied. I love this. I love that one day I am working with a blushing bride-to-be and the next on a full-scale commercial set. Every single job is different and no day is ever the same. There is no time to get bored in this industry!

That said, the travel bug bit me and I was drawn to a teeny Spanish island – IBIZA.

Ibiza’s beauty, spiritual energy and booming club scene drew me in. The amazing shows, dancers and the visual smorgasbord of colour and sparkle inspired me. I just had to live and work there, this place gets into your bones. I had to make it happen! So I did.

Having a universal skill is a complete bonus if you wish to travel and work. Of course, it is always daunting going to a place where nobody knows you and you have no idea of the industry or any contacts for that matter! But a little faith in yourself and some research time assists with the cause. I made numerous cold calls, of which probably only 10% responded, with the majority of those “thank you for contacting us but we already have our regular makeup artists”. It took one event company to give me a break. They loved my website and professionalism and were excited to meet me in the summer on the island. (For this I am still eternally grateful!) Flights booked, life packed up, adventure started!

It is not easy to do, but I feel like I slipped into this new land quite well received and positively.  As I approach my third year of adventures across the globe chasing the sun, I reflect on the differences in the hair and makeup world in my experience from Sydney city life to Ibiza island home…

My experience of the hair and makeup world in Sydney is very undone. Natural beachy waves in the hair and uber glowy delicious skin and highlights. Stripped back, but radiant – goddess-like. Our style in this city is “less is more.” We like basic fashion: casual, raw.  The majority of briefs for editorial work in this city is textured relaxed hair and beautiful skin. I love this, I breathe this!

The yin to my yang is my Ibiza world, where I work for some of the biggest and most beautiful clubs on the island and its absolutely stunning dancers, aerialists and performers. Hair and makeup for David Guetta’s show at Ushuaia and Tinie Tempah’s pool party at The Hard Rock Hotel saw us create over-the-top high ponies and defined big winged liners for days. Beautiful stage makeup. A complete contrast to my style back in Sydney! It feels so good to be able to create dramatic hair and makeup looks on a daily basis instead of having to pull back. These two polar opposites work well for me as I feel like I can have my cake and eat it too.

Ibiza party-goers love to be body painted, airbrushed and bindi’ed up. Good. Me too! This is not common in Sydney, so it is not something that I had done a lot of before reaching the island. Interestingly enough, since returning to Sydney, I have been booked for more creative briefs where I can utilize this new skill and passion.

In this industry, I feel that I learn something new every single day. Whether it be product-wise, techniques or mistakes that teach me lessons. This is my addiction. Flying across the globe to these two polar opposites each year has improved me as a makeup artist immensely and given me the confidence to give anything a go and that I may even be good at it (or at least come out alive!)  Getting out of the city and into a high-energy fun and flirtatious energy bubble has surprisingly relaxed me as an artist. I am not so obsessed with my career achievements as I once was and have stopped comparing myself to everyone around me. Ibiza has brought colour and fun back into my job (as well as my life) and I couldn’t be happier.

My advice to any artists considering a stint in another city, island, town or country – do it! Jump in the deep end and swim. As makeup and hair artists, we have to be quick thinkers and create solutions on a daily basis as it is, so we are already equipped for the unknown without realizing.

Make the most of your skill and make it work for you across the globe! You got this X

New Makeup Trend Alert: Eye Strobing

Photo: Rex

Photo: Rex

As if we really needed one, a new makeup trend of the moment has yet again surfaced. It was born as many of our favorite celebrities (like Jourdan Dunn and Rita Ora) put their best faces forward at the 2016 Met Gala. The trend of the moment is, wait for it…eye strobing (no, really!) Yes ladies, they found something else for us to strobe. For those of you who may not know what “strobing” is, it’s a trendy new way to describe highlighting. Last year, strobing was popular on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose, in order to achieve a megawatt glow. Strobing is now back, making your eyes the focal point.

Photo: Matt Baron/Bei/Shutterstock

Photo: Matt Baron/Bei/Shutterstock


Eye strobing can be achieved by applying a shimmery eyeshadow, or even finely milled glitter to the inner corner of your eyes. The shimmer mimics light, thus making your eyes look bright – and dare I say angelic. If you want your “eye strobing” to look really intense use a metallic silver color, but for something a little more subtle go for gold and bronze shades.