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My Favorite Ways to Use Jojoba Oil


A few months ago, I purchased an 8 oz. bottle of organic jojoba oil for under 20 bucks. I’ve barely made a dent in it, even though I use it every day. What a great beauty buy! I’ve found a ton of uses for it, and I want to share them with you. Jojoba is my favorite oil, but feel free to substitute your oil of choice for any of these uses (although be careful with coconut oil if you are prone to breakouts).

Ways to Use:

*adding a drop or two to moisturizer. This is all my oily skin needs, and I can use less moisturizer when I do this, so it saves me money while hydrating my skin. If your skin is on the dry side, you may be able to use this in lieu of moisturizer. (Use a good serum though! Any single ingredient routine will rob your skin of antioxidants. While jojoba has many benefits, no oil can prevent or reverse signs of aging.)

*several drops added to body lotion

*used as a cuticle oil. Many of the cuticle oils sold in stores have essential oils added to them. Sure, they smell great, but essential oils are irritants. Any straight up oil–jojoba, argan, olive, whatever–will be much better.

*as a massage oil! Now all you need is someone to give you a massage. Or someone willing to accept one from you, if you’re a giver.

*to hydrate lips. I have chronically dry lips, and two drops of jojoba oil with a bit of Aquaphor on top is the best thing I’ve tried (and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars looking for a solution.)

*adding a few drops to conditioner. I personally don’t get good results using large amounts of oil as a treatment, but many people do, so it’s worth a try. But adding a few drops to conditioner gives the conditioner extra slip (so you can use less and not be stuck with that annoying half full bottle of shampoo and two drops of conditioner scenario) and makes the hair nice and shiny.

*as an eye makeup remover

Did I leave out any cool uses? Comment below!


xx Dana

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Forever


Even if you are an overachiever who washes his or her face every day (go you!), odds are, if you wear it at all, you’re leaving behind a good amount of eye makeup. Even if you don’t see the evidence, you aren’t in the clear. Ever not worn makeup for a couple of days and rubbed your eyes on a towel only to find black smudges?

Ophthalmologists say that failure to fully remove eye makeup can actually damage your eyes, since the remnants will inevitably migrate from your skin to actual eyes. They also advise you not to use waterproof makeup, which even from a makeup artist’s perspective, is good advice–waterproof mascara dries out your lashes, and they’ll never get as long and thick as they otherwise could. Of course, waterproof makeup does have its time and place, but for everyday wear, it’s best avoided.

Dermatologists will tell you that not fully removing eye makeup leads to irritation. You may think that you don’t have sensitive eyes because you don’t notice any itching. But what else can that irritation cause? You guessed it–puffy eyes! Eventually, it will also cause collagen breakdown, so say helllllloooo to wrinkles! My advice is to get a good, oily makeup remover (or just a straight-up oil–I love using 100% jojoba oil), saturate a cotton pad, and gently get to work. It will take several pads. Don’t stop till you use a pad that is fully clean! Next, get a cotton swab and repeat. You’re not done yet–you also don’t want that oil hanging around and getting into your eyes. Wash your face, keep your eyes closed, and use a gentle facial wash (without salicylic acid, etc.) on your eye lids.

xx Dana