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Troubleshoot Your Curling Iron Technique


Curling iron newbies share a lot of the same complaints. Let’s go through them and figure out how to curl like pros.


Dents are usually caused by curling your hair in the wrong direction relative to the clamp. Curl toward your ends, not away from them. You can also get a dent at the bottom of your hair if you don’t get all of your hair inside. It’s best to start your curl at the top of your hair, not the bottom. You’ll avoid dents, give less heat damage to the most sensitive parts of your strands, and get longer lasting curls.

It’s Not Working!

If your iron is working, and you hold the iron for an appropriate amount of time and there’s still no curl, your sections are probably too big. In general, you can figure out how much hair to curl at a time by holding your iron vertically and choosing a section of hair the same width as the iron. This will give you the curl traditionally associated with the width of the iron you chose. Once you understand this, you can break this rule. Do you want super loose, almost blowout-looking waves, but all you have is a 1″ curling iron? Throw your hair into a high ponytail, divide your hair into four sections, and wrap it around the iron. After it cools and you let your hair down, you’ll have loose waves. Real pros can create dozens of different curls with only one iron!

Curls Don’t Last

Don’t tug on a curl while it’s still warm, unless you want to loosen it. If your hair has a hard time holding a curl, try to slide the iron off, maintaining the curl, and pin it to your scalp while it cools. Letting your hair set will give you hours of extra curl. And of course, hairspray is your friend.


xx Dana