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4 Root Lifting Alternates to Teasing Your Hair


Voluminous hair is what most women want, and quite a few women find hard to achieve. For so long, teasing was the only know option to achieve sky high volume – especially at the crown, but the ugly truth about teasing is that it can be damaging to the hair. There are quite a few alternatives to this archaic technique that give just as much height, and a more modern finish. Here are some of my favorites:

Garnier Root AmpGarnier Root Amp – This root lifting mousse comes in spray form, allowing you to concentrate the product only on the desired areas. You can use it on wet or dry hair; simply spray the Root Amp and blow dry the hair in an upward motion for a lasting root boost.


Dry shampooamika Perk Up Dry Shampoo –  Sometimes hair falls flat simply because of excess oil at the roots. In this case, you can achieve volume at the crown by absorbing the oil with dry shampoo – Perk Up by amika is my fave. Using it is super easy, but your hair must be dry. All you have to do is apply the dry shampoo directly to roots and rub it in with your fingertips. Perk Up instantly rids you of the “grease ball” look,  and brings your hair back to life!


Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost – I would recommend that this product be used on damp, towel dried hair only; I tried to use it on dry hair and the results were not good.  Apply the Extra Body Daily Boost generously to the hair (concentrating on the root area) and brush it through to distribute the product evenly. What I love most about this product is that you get the same amount of lift whether you blow dry with a round brush or if you lift the hair with your fingers instead. By coating all of the hair while damp, the results will be hair with a lot of body from root to tip.


Powder PlaySexy Hair Powder Play – This is one of the most interesting products that I’ve ever come across. While it is a powder like dry shampoo, it does something totally different. Powder Play doesn’t absorb oil, it changes the texture of hair to make it more gritty. Applying it is a little tricky because it requires some finesse. You cannot apply a liberal amount in one area, it has to be delicately sprinkled around on to the areas where the volume is desired. Once the Power Play is on, then you start your shaping process (yes the powder allows you to shape – awesome right?). The powder creates volume while simultaneously roughing up your hair, so that you can manipulate it how you like.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later 🙂

Quick Tip: Fix Your Winged Eyeliner


So, you get one eye lined and winged perfectly, but the other looks a little wonky. Or maybe the line just comes out thicker than you intended. Or maybe you just want sharper lines! No fear–the fix is simple.

Take a clean angled brush. Dip it in a tiny bit of moisturizer. Voila! Your brush is now an eraser. Go over any areas where you want to refine the line, making sure to wipe off the excess on a tissue after every stroke or two so you don’t cause any smudges. For an even cleaner line, you can also use an angled brush with a bit of concealer on it and go directly under (or above) your winged line. Now you’re selfie-ready!


xx Dana

Calling All Curly Girls: Just Say No to Shampoo


A sud-free wash

As a kinky-curly girl, I know that detangling and washing hair can be about as fun as getting a root canal. What always seemed to make this already unpleasant task even more unbearable for me was shampoo. Yes, shampoo is the devil! I would spend so much time detangling my hair before washing, for shampoo to just re-tangle my hair – causing me to have to detangle my hair once again (it was an uphill battle). Wet hair is weaker, so my second romp with a wide toothed comb always led to unwanted hair loss. I talked to some of my natural haired sisters, and they put me on to CoWashing, which is the use of cleansing conditioner to wash hair – thus, eliminating the need for my nemesis. It changed my life!!! Nixing shampoo was amazing, especially since I could lather up my hair with as much CoWash as I wanted, without having to fight the battle of the knots. I’ve been shampoo- free for about two years, and here are some of my favorite CoWashes:



Pantene, $6.99



Ouidad, $36