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Why Collagen Isn’t the Miracle Ingredient You Think It Is


Let me be clear: collagen is a good ingredient. It’s just not some wrinkle-erasing miracle worker. Skin care companies would love us to believe that their topical products work as well as injections and fillers, but that is not the case. They even boast of bogus studies (that they themselves fund, of course) from time to time saying women prefer their cream over Botox, etc. This is absurd–even BOTOX doesn’t work like Botox if it’s applied topically! There is no topical product on the market, not even a $300 cream, that will you get you those kind of results.

Back to collagen. Collagen is good for binding moisture to skin. It cannot, however, fuse to your skin’s natural supply of collagen to fill in wrinkles. In fact, most of the time, the molecule is too big to even penetrate the skin. Besides, you wouldn’t want these products to do what they are claiming to–if they really boosted your skin’s collagen levels that much, you would actually wind up creating scar tissue.

So don’t throw out your collagen-containing products, but do think twice before you shell over some serious dough for a bunch of sketchy claims. As always, don’t believe the hype.

xx Dana

An Easy Way to Loosen Hair That’s Curled Too Tight


spiral-curls-for-prom touchedLoose waves crop

With summer coming up, we all want a loose style that doesn’t look like it’s been fussed over, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. You want to set a nice strong curl that will last all day, but don’t want to end up looking like Shirley Temple. Have you ever curled your hair and after trying to loosen it, you realized that  your coils are way too tight? Even though I’m a professional, it happens to me all the time! You never really know how hair will curl when prepped with certain product and/or when certain irons are used. I used to run the flat iron over the curls to relax them a bit, but I recently found another great option that does not involve utilizing more heat. What is it? Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble! The sea salt spray formula was designed to give hair an effortless, tousled look, and it relaxes curls beautifully. Spray your hands with Surf Spray and run them through your hair until you achieve your desired look. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

surf spray touched

Surf Spray, $27

Quick Tip: Getting the True Color Out of Your Lipstick


If you have naturally pigmented lips, lipsticks will tend to look different on you than they do in the tube. Getting a truer color is simple though. First, apply foundation to your lips. Then, put a thin layer of powder on top. Finally, put your lipstick (and lipliner, if you wish) over this. Not only will you get a truer color, but your lipstick will last longer!

xx Dana