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3 Ways to Win the Battle of the Shine

Oily skin can be a real problem for some people; I’ve seen women walk around with face blotting tissues and powdering their skin into oblivion in order to avoid an oily face. All though oily skin is annoying, there are several simple ways to win the battle of the grease. Here are a few of my faves:

NYX Shine1. Mattifying primer – A really easy and effective way to stay oil free is to use a mattifying primer. You can wear it alone, or you use it as a base before you apply your makeup. If you’re super oily this is a really great option for you, because since it’s clear and can be applied on top of your makeup to absorb access oils. My favorite is Shine Killer from NYX.

Face ultra matte22. Finishing spray – I use finishing spray on my brides and clients going to events, because it keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. The spray sets your makeup and gives your skin a lasting matte finish. My favorite is Ultra Matte from FACE atelier.

milk of magnesia3. Mik of Magnesia – Yes you heard me right – Milk of Magnesia…the laxative! This trick is a little unorthodox but boy does it do the trick!  It’s an oldie but goodie because it always has, and still does work. Before makeup companies started making all of these shine control products, Makeup Artists had to use whatever they could to keep their clients from looking greasy; and MOM was an industry staple. It has to be worn underneath makeup because it dries ashy, but once makeup it applied over it, it looks totally normal.